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One of the BIG comments/ questions I receive when people change their lifestyle routine to the path towards wellness, is what do I do when I still want the “crack?”  I mean the “bad stuff.”  LOL!  We have all been here and hopefully these amino acids and mineral supplements below will help.  I have seen them work almost like magic when the cravings come. Most of the time when we crave something it because we have a deficiency in something else, hence the need for these Amino Acid & Mineral tricks.   These are all healthy and creative solutions and no side effects!Below are some great Tuesday Tips to STOP the unhealthy cravings you may experience.

  • Glutamine is a powerful amino acid that heals the gut, is calming and when opened on to the tongue stops low blood sugar cravings in their tracks.
  • DPA/d-phenylalanine is an amino acid that boosts endorphins (our feel good brain chemicals) and helps us when we LOVE something (like chocolate) and eat for comfort or reward or to numb ourselves.
  • GABA is a calming amino acid that helps us quit sugar and that glass of wine we have to have when we are stressed and anxious.
  • Feel a Headache or MIGRAINE coming on?  Amp up your magnesium dosage and also dab one drop of Frankincense oil on the thumb.  Then press the thumb to the roof of your mouth and Voila!  This TIP is truly a lifesaver for any of you who struggle with migraines!

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