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More Addictive than Cocaine? YIKES!

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Are you addicted to sugar? You’re not alone. In 2007 a group of researchers found that sugar surpasses what is called “cocaine reward” in most mammals, including rats and humans. The frightening result of this study is the conclusion that sugar is more addictive than cocaine.

Although sugar does not contain opiates (like other addictive substances such as heroin) it does stimulate the release of endogenous opiates. Opiates and their receptors have largely been attributed to what is known as “reward.” When the opiate receptor is filled over and over again, we feel a sense of pleasure and reward. No matter how harmful a food or substance may be to the body, this sensation of pleasure keeps us coming back for more, while at the same time altering our brain chemistry. Read More

Protein Power Study & Your Personal Protein Goal

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Be it by meat or plant, protein is the essential to the proper functioning of the body.  A new study just released shows that eating a lot of protein will not only give you more energy and boost your metabolism but it will also lower your risk of hypertension (or the condition causing high blood pressure.)  It was with  research that it was found that people who at the highest amounts of protein in their diet (100 grams or more per day), actually lowered their risk of developing high blood pressure by 45%, compared with those who ate the smallest amounts of protein.  The protein group not only lowered their blood pressure, but they also lost weight and felt more energetic!

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Top 10 Worst GMO Foods

According to 2010 data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, just over 90% of all U.S. soybeans, 90% of U.S. sugar beets, and 85% of U.S. corn crops are genetically modified. (Because many foods contain cottonseed oil, it’s also worth noting that 90% of U.S. cotton crops are also genetically engineered.) Read More

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