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Manifesting Wellness

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Greetings all my Wellness Warriors~

It is truly a delight to invite you to be a part of the wellness revolution!  “Whole Energy Lifestyle Living”/ WELL Consulting has an updated webpage, as well as many other exciting opportunities for you to manifest wellness, balance, and peace in your life!  The invitation awaits you at: www.wellconsulting.org sign up for the blog updates, which will include wellness driven recipes, education on supplements, and techniques to bring health into your daily routine and lasting lifestyle.  WELL Consulting also has a new online web store, where you can purchase all the supplements and skin care that we carry in the practice.  This allows for you to have your essentials shipped directly to you, whether you are home or traveling.  These supplements are of the highest grade and are available to you due to our medical degree and health training certifications. Trust me I  check ALL the boxes when we bring the right supplements to you and your family.  This is just another way to stay the path towards wellness!

This is also a personal call to my wellness warriors to remind you that it is your primary job to take care of yourself.  Now is the time to make your health and well being your top priority: otherwise I fear you will run out of oxygen and purpose.  When we lose sight of this priority we become weakened and defeated, and find it difficult to see the light in each day.  Being well is a decision and a choice, and Living Well is the BONUS!  Wellness flows from the inside out.  It fundamentally aligns the physical, emotional, environmental, nutritional, and spiritual elements in our life.  Wellness nourishes the spirit and marks importance to your heart and soul.  Part of this process is making sure we are surrounding our brains and cells with positive thoughts and thinking… remember our thoughts CAN and WILL become our reality, so we need to be mindful of our mindset!

So, how do we begin to manifest this path towards wellness? Prayers and meditations need not be spoken, they MUST be LIVED!  Being fully present in every moment we are given on this earth is the greatest meditation.  Being present is our prayer of praise and gratitude to the here and now.  Finding this present being is how we can create wellness and peace in our hearts.  Breathe in this moment and offer gratitude.  When we cultivate wellness in our life , we can then manifest doing well and finding success in every grace we are offered.  Live in this moment and put your thoughts on the WELLNESS that you deserve and can find with the right intention.

Please continue your path towards wellness and peace, and as always reach out to me at “Whole Energy Lifestyle Living”/ WELL Consulting if I can help nourish your journey or make your path less rocky.  It is an honor to offer many services that are personalized for each individual to stay their course of action towards wellness.  No two plans are the same, because we all need personalized care and medicine to manifest the wellness that each of us deserve and essentially require to create the lives we WANT!


PS:  Don’t forget to sign up for my blog at www.wellconsulting.org  and share the wellness by inviting others to the health and wellness they can find with us!




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