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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Revitalize with B12 Lollipops

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Are you an aficionado of the B12 Revita lollipops?  So many of ‘Good Vibe Tribe’ and Meg’s Wellness Warriors are fans of these delicious and active sweet treats for the mouth and the brain. Using your tongue to instantly transport the highest quality B12 to your body and BRAIN- these delicious vitamin pops were developed by a father who recovered from symptoms of ADHD and stomach issues and whose child recovered from autism, revitaPOP offers a convenient way to effectively replenish your body with methylcobalamin (MB12), using the nerves of your tongue and the only neurologically active version of vitamin B12.  They are GAME CHANGERS for so many of my wellness warriors.  I just recently received a great testimonial and wanted to share it with the tribe.

RevitaPOP Testimonials – Eileen, Well Customer since 2009

 “We have been ordering revitaPOP every month since 2009. My child started with B-12 shots, nasal sprays, sublingual, and then revitaPOP. The product was enjoyable, good tasting, and highly effective. revitaPOP has been a staple in our house since the product was first introduced. It gave my child an instant boost with speech, mood and focus. Today, my child who is a teenager calls them “stress pops.” He has a revitaPOP daily or on an as needed basis to keep any anxiety in check. He will consume a revitaPOP before a test, basketball game, or long road trip. My mother who is in remission from cancer, developed early dementia or “chemo brain” from her treatments. RevitaPOP has helped her with short-term memory, clarity, and mood. I myself will have a pop if I feel extremely tired, stressed or fatigued. If I am in need of extra energy for my Zumba work-outs, revitaPOP is my go to secret. The beauty of revitaPOP is it is a simple, non-evasive, fun product for both children and grown-ups.” – Eileen, Newport Beach , CA

*If you are interested in trying these amazing B12 pops- contact Meg at meg@wellconsulting.org  These are the only items not available through her webstore, but contact and her and she would be happy to get you some so you can continue your path towards wellness.

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