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Two Tips for this WEEK: Reset your Hormones

This week you get two tips to keep you on path towards wellness.  Both come at a great time as we prepare for the holidays.  Wishing all my Wellness Warriors an awesome week!  Keep up the great work on resetting your hormones and improving your life!

Reset Tip #8:

Wear a Pedometer.  People who wear a pedometer lose an additional pound each week compared to those who do not measure their movement.  Were you wondering what to ask for from Santa? Add this one to your list!


Reset Tip #9:

Do a Wine Swap. The sugars in wine and other alcoholic beverages can spike your blood sugar, the same as if you ate a cookie.  In addition the alcohol puts an extra strain on your liver that in turn affects the way your hormones are processed and used in the body.  Try sipping on pomegranate juice and club soda in your wine glass.  Your hormones will thank you! 

If you are going to drink (it is the season for cocktail parties) see the chart at the link below to help you make the best choices.  My favorite is gluten free vodka martini or a Megarita, which is made of organic silver tequila, lemon and lime juice, and served up! 

Bulletproof Link https://www.bulletproofexec.com/alcohol-without-the-hangover-bulletproof-partying-business-networking/

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