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Cheers to This Wellness Warriors!

Happy Wednesday Wellness Warriors! 

Fun Fact of the Day:   There is a 30% drop in likelihood that three-cup-a day (4-6 ounces each cup) coffee drinkers will develop malignant melanoma.  Astonishing, right?  Caffeine, consumed or applied (see Meg’s tip at the bottom for how to apply topically), has been proven to absorb UV rays.  Hence this caffeine intake actually acts as a functioning sunscreen to the body!

How to Take: Make a pot of French Press organic, fairy traded coffee.  The French Press method for making coffee and teas allows the hot water to come in contact with the raw grounds, but then never passes through a filter.  You actually will “press” out the grounds with the coffee press, leaving nothing but the coffee itself.  This “filter-less” means by which to make coffee allows the essential oils to diffuse throughout the drink as opposed to being filtered out and removed by a traditional drip filter.  Therefore, the coffee is more flavorful and more antioxidants and nutrients end up in your cup.  Enjoy with a splash of coconut milk or oil (yes, the oil is actually delicious and wonderful for you adrenals).

How to Apply:  After you drink your French press, save the grounds and add some coconut oil and coconut palm sugar, and an essential oil of your liking.   Mix the ingredients together to form a paste that you can apply topically to your skin.  Use as a deep exfoliant scrub in the shower to absorb the caffeine benefits topically.

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