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Back to School Jitters? Tap into the Healing of Homeopathy

 It is start for a new school year to start, and moms across America are dealing with oodles of nervous children.  Homeopathy will help them step onto the yellow school bus without any jitters, and help them to be their BEST! 

There is the first day of school to deal with (what will Jenny wear!?), which can be made even more difficult if you’ve recently moved to a new city or new school setting.  There is also the new logistics of the locations of classrooms, and locker combinations, and even how to get all of the supplies from the car into the class.  The struggle is REAL!  School also inevitably brings quizzes, tests, and the ever-present state-mandated examinations. Some children really struggle with anxiety related to testing.

The remedy for this type of anticipatory anxiety is Gelsemium 30; one dose taken twice a day and let me tell you, it is GORGEOUS! You can stop the remedy once the anxiety is resolved or the event is over.

There is something very unique about the symptoms of anxiety when it is related to a specific event: Often, people experience looser bowel movements (in some cases, diarrhea), they may tremble a bit and feel a little clumsy, and they typically experience a lack of coordination in their movements. In general, they may want to be left alone in a quiet space.

Besides test-taking and the first day of school, think of this remedy for a variety of anticipatory situations where a person may feel anxious or nervous, such as:

  • Anxiety before a surgery
  • Certain types of insomnia where you are afraid of going to bed (for fear you may not fall asleep—in this case, the ‘event’ is not a test but instead, the anticipated sleep!)
  • The feeling of ‘butterflies in the stomach’ and an urgent need to use the restroom
  • Stage-fright (like a sporting or performance event where your child needs to tackle the quarterback or perform in a recital.)

With Gelsemium, you will find you will not be paralyzed from the anxiety and that your trembling body will no longer feel so weak.

Homeopathy is a natural and simple way to find wellness that helps you get back on the horse, step onto the yellow school bus, or ‘break a leg’ when you perform! Homeopathy gets it done and with the only side effect being that the child can be THEIR BEST, more CONFIDENT SELF!

Here is my link in my web store to for this incredible remedy: http://www.npscript.com/wellconsulting/gelsemium-sempervirens-30c/DO0213PAR

Wishing all the Good Vibe Tribe, especially all the Charismatic Children that I get to see in my practice and their Majestic Mamas, a happy, healthy and exciting new school year!

Stay Strong & Keep Smiling~



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