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Protein Power Study & Your Personal Protein Goal

By February 4, 2015 Foods No Comments
Be it by meat or plant, protein is the essential to the proper functioning of the body.  A new study just released shows that eating a lot of protein will not only give you more energy and boost your metabolism but it will also lower your risk of hypertension (or the condition causing high blood pressure.)  It was with  research that it was found that people who at the highest amounts of protein in their diet (100 grams or more per day), actually lowered their risk of developing high blood pressure by 45%, compared with those who ate the smallest amounts of protein.  The protein group not only lowered their blood pressure, but they also lost weight and felt more energetic!

What is your personal daily goal for protein?  The best way to calculate your goal for OPTIMAL functioning for YOUR body and lifestyle is to multiply 0.7 times your body weight, for example 100 pounds X 0.7 = 70 grams of protein.  If you are more active and working out you would change the goals to be 0.9 multiplied by your body weight.  TIPS: a chicken breast is about 30 grams of protein, and one of Meg’s protein shakes is about 30 grams, both are high quality protein sources to FUEL your body and lifestyle!  Need more way to incorporate protein into YOUR life, schedule a meeting with Meg to better enhance your personalized path towards wellness.

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