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Protein Power

This one is for all the calorie counters out there: Did you know that your body is probably already doing the math and tally for you?  Researchers at the University of Sydney found that appetite may be closely linked to the balance of nutrients in the diets, rather than the calories consumed.  The key here being PROTEIN.  For example when we do not get enough protein we will eat until our protein stores are met.  And here is the rule of thumb in regards to how much protein each person needs.  For optimal function multiply 0.7 X your body weight (0.7 X 120 pounds = 84 grams of protein).  And if you are active or an athlete you need to bump that up to 0.9 x body weight (0.9 x 120 = 108 grams).  This is personalized medicine for YOU- what YOUR body needs in protein daily.  So are you getting your adequate protein stores?  Could this be the reason you might be struggling to lose weight or feel more energy in your daily life?

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