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The Honest to GUT Truth   

~How to Unlock Vibrant Health by Looking at the Gut~

Written By Meg Landis, W.H.E. & C.N.P.

We have all heard the saying, “listen to your gut.” And while that advice often refers to our intuition, it should also speak to our digestion. Your gut guides your overall well-being. Quite literally, your gut is the epicenter of your mental and physical health. Yet it is all too common to experience lots of digestive issues that make a huge impact on our strength and vitality. If you want better immunity, efficient digestion, improved clarity and balance, focus on rebuilding your gut health.  By supporting this mighty system, you’ll see chronic health issues such as, fatigue, brain fogginess, colds, aches and pains, diminish. Furthermore, you will feel abundant energy return. In the article you will learn what your gut does and why it’s so important to keep it healthy. Then, we will cover how to care for your wonderful gut so that it continues to take care of glorious you! Read More

POTTY TALK: A great tip for your “office” visits.

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Warning this BLOG contains potty talk, and a new way to drastically improve your HEALTH!  Are you prone to constipation, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel, or bloating? Did you know that people in cultures that squat instead of using toilets rarely have these symptoms? Rather than putting a hole in your floor, try elevating your feet in the bathroom. I figured this out when I was a young child and have used various devices including stacked phone books, a small box and a step stool. There are also devices like the ‘squatty potty.’   I LOVE mine- what difference it does make, and the children use it also. Try out this easy trick and great product to make your bathroom trips faster and easier. http://www.squattypotty.com/

Cheers to This Wellness Warriors!

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Happy Wednesday Wellness Warriors! 

Fun Fact of the Day:   There is a 30% drop in likelihood that three-cup-a day (4-6 ounces each cup) coffee drinkers will develop malignant melanoma.  Astonishing, right?  Caffeine, consumed or applied (see Meg’s tip at the bottom for how to apply topically), has been proven to absorb UV rays.  Hence this caffeine intake actually acts as a functioning sunscreen to the body! Read More


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One of the BIG comments/ questions I receive when people change their lifestyle routine to the path towards wellness, is what do I do when I still want the “crack?”  I mean the “bad stuff.”  LOL!  We have all been here and hopefully these amino acids and mineral supplements below will help.  I have seen them work almost like magic when the cravings come. Most of the time when we crave something it because we have a deficiency in something else, hence the need for these Amino Acid & Mineral tricks.   These are all healthy and creative solutions and no side effects!Below are some great Tuesday Tips to STOP the unhealthy cravings you may experience.

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Protein Power Study & Your Personal Protein Goal

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Be it by meat or plant, protein is the essential to the proper functioning of the body.  A new study just released shows that eating a lot of protein will not only give you more energy and boost your metabolism but it will also lower your risk of hypertension (or the condition causing high blood pressure.)  It was with  research that it was found that people who at the highest amounts of protein in their diet (100 grams or more per day), actually lowered their risk of developing high blood pressure by 45%, compared with those who ate the smallest amounts of protein.  The protein group not only lowered their blood pressure, but they also lost weight and felt more energetic!

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The color of BLUE and why the HUE- a great article by Meg

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There are seven main energy centers (chakras) of the body. These chakras are like spirals of energy, each one relating to the others. Using the seven colours of the spectrum, Color Therapy aims to balance and enhance our body’s energy centres/chakras and also to help stimulate our body’s own healing process.  Color Therapy uses colour to re-balance the Chakras that have become depleted of energy.


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Hello all my WELLNESS WARRIORS!  I hope you are having an awesome Sunday- what a great day to collect yourself to MAKE an AWESOME week ahead!  I wanted to share two great wellness tidbits:

1.  Did you KNOW?: A FUN FACT

Turns out strength training does wonders for the body and the mind.  According to new research, just one 20 minute bout of resistance training can enhance your memory by 10%!  Stress hormones released during these exercises are shown to stimulate the amygdala, the region of the brain that plays a role in memory.  Encouragement to do that extra set of bicep curls- you will thank me later!

2.  A quote from the amazing Maya Angelou to keep you going for the week: “If you don’t like something, change it.  If you cannot change it, change your ATTITUDE about it!”  Stay focused on your goals and the path towards wellness and peace, and remember I am here if you need ANYTHING!

In health & with a SMILE~  Meg

Final Reset Tip: Here is a GREAT one to end on!

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Thank you to all of my Wellness Warriors that have been following my Hormone Resets!  Did you RESET and make the changes you so desperately wanted to?  So many of you made incredible lifestyle changes over the past 10 weeks, and I am honored that I was able to join you as went from Fatigued to FANTASTIC!  Thank you for sharing your successes with me!
Here is my final reset tip for you.  And stay tuned: I will be doing another blog follow along very soon to show you tips and tricks to train your adrenals and thyroid to work optimally.  I hope you are THRIVING and I look forward to staying with you on your path towards wellness!   Peace & Wellness~ Meg

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